Mini Marine Resin Fillers


Mini Marine Resin Fillers

Made of high quality silicone materials, these pieces feature meticulous craftsmanship and are not easy to break. These 3D mini marine resin fillers look vivid and lifelike, allowing the crafts you make to look realistic. Can be used to create pendants, craft ornaments, necklaces, etc. They’re easy to use an work with and will allow your cured resin piece to be demolded without a problem.

Type: epoxy filler
Material: silicone
Color: white

1 Set as follows:
10 piece jellyfish set, 10 piece penguin set, 6 piece marine set (turtle, diver, giant squid, seahorse, blowfish, sea butterfly), 14 piece marine set (sea butterfly, turtle, giant squid, diver x2, whale x3, jellyfish x4, seahorse, blowfish).


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 1 × 6 in

10 Piece Penguins, 10 Piece Jellyfish, 14 Piece Marine, 6 Piece Marine


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