About Socratic Creations

Jennifer From Socratic Creations
So this is where I am supposed to tell you about myself and how I came up with Socratic Creations. Where do I begin? It all started with my love for crafts at a very young age. Growing up my Grandmother, God rest her soul, was always having me do crafts with her. We were always making things. From clothes to waxed candles.

As I grew up my passion for crafts grew as well. Eventually I had children of my own and my crafting went to a halt for a while. Now they are growing up and I have time for myself.

I was trying to find the cheapest price for the hobby I was into at the time, which was wire wrapping and beading. I soon realized that resin crafting had become a big hit, so I decided to venture into the resin world in a state of intrigue.

I shortly figured out that I was able to bring high quality products to my fellow crafters at a discount price. I then created Socratic Creations “The best method for your crafting needs”. I am so proud to be able to offer this to my fellow crafters! Well there is my story, nothing too dramatic but it is how I came to be.
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